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Youtube and Online Resources – 03/04/2015

Are you looking for that instruction guide for your new furnace or air conditioner? Well try thinking of using YouTube or online resources as your free guide and information resource. YouTube was founded in 2005 as a way to share information in the form of videos around the world. Allowing someone to view a step by step visual guide has become a trend with many people to find information on certain products. An example is that you have a Lennox furnace and the pilot light seems to be going out. Type Lennox furnace pilot light in the search box and viola, there is a list of videos showing what to look for, how to clean the sensor or if you should contact your furnace repair company. Online resources can also be extremely helpful. Many residential heating and cooling companies have ways to troubleshoot problems or give more information about their products on their website. The manufacturer of your HVAC systems will also have information, videos or links to other websites to hopefully answer questions that you might have. YouTube and on-line resources are a great way to help answer many questions, just beware of the source and that not everything on the internet is true. If you are unsure call Reinhardt Plumbing, your local plumber and furnace repair company.