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Winter Safety in the Workplace – 01/15/2015

Safety is extremely important in the workplace, but working outdoors during the winter require additional safety standards.
  1. Stay Warm. Always dress in layers so you are able to adjust to the type of weather that you will encounter, we all know how unpredictable the weather can be in Saskatchewan! This tip also works for your feet. Wear a few layers of socks before putting your boots on. Make sure to keep your head covered and have gloves or mitts to prevent frostbite. Also bring a change of clothes; nothing will give you more of a chill than trying to work in wet clothes!
  2. Stay Hydrated. Even though it feels cold outside, physical work will still make you sweat. Drink plenty of water and warm beverages.
  3. Don’t Slip. Proper footwear and a safe work environment are both important to eliminate slipping accidents. Wear anti-slip footwear and make sure to keep a clear path from ice and snow where you will be working.
  4. Buddy System. If you are working in a remote area, make sure to take a co-worker with you. It is important to have someone around in case your vehicle gets stuck, there is an accident or for someone to watch out for symptoms of hypothermia.