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Win up to $50,000 with Scotia Bank’s Eco-Living Awards – 08/28/2015

Scotiabank Eco-Living is a program that helps to educate Canadians on the benefits of green home improvements and energy efficiency.  The vision for this program is “to help people save energy, save money and minimize their impact on climate change”.  Their website has many tools to help all Canadians save money; including rebates and smart ideas on how to lower utility bills. They also have an Eco-Living Calculator which provides unique tips to lower emissions and increase efficiency in your home also showing the breakdown of costs and how long the investment will take to pay off. With all these amazing tools and information, Scotia Bank Eco-Living has gone one step further with the Eco-Living Awards.  There are three different awards:
  1. Student Leadership Award of $10,000.00: This award is for Canadian resident students, enrolled in a Canadian college or university full time who have a prototype or idea that helps renew or conserve energy.
  2. Innovation Award of $15,000.00: This award is to showcase new innovative products and the environmental benefits these products can provide.
  3. Business Leadership Award of $50,000.00: This award is for any established Canadian business that has produced a service or product that offer significant energy reduction and benefits to the environment.
The Eco-Living Awards is accepting applications until March 31st, 2015.  For more information about how to save money for your home or how to apply to the Eco-Living Awards check out Scotia Bank’s Eco-Living website at