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SaskEnergy Network Programs – 12/14/2014

Reinhardt Plumbing, Heating & A/C LTD is part of the SaskEnergy Network and encourages all residents to engage in the programs the Network has to offer. Reinhardt Plumbing offers furnace installation, heating and furnace repair in Regina Saskatchewan and surrounding areas, making it a simple process to switch over to natural gas! Natural Gas appliances are the newest trend, they are reliable, convenient and economical. Here are some of the benefits of switching your appliances to natural gas:
  • Convenience – Natural gas runs through underground pipelines, meaning there is no disruption of supply due to various factors. Many natural gas appliances function throughout outages, allowing us to stay warm, have cooked meals and stay warm. Natural gas is odorless and provides instant heat, and an abundance of hot water.
  • Resourcefulness – Natural Gas can be used for many other things than just heating your home. Use natural gas for your barbeques, heating pools and hot tubs, water heating, clothes drying and cooking!
  • Savings – Natural Gas is the lowest cost fuel in Saskatchewan.
  • Economical – As of right now, natural gas is the most efficient, and best alternative for energy today.
  • Abundant Supply – There is a stable, secure amount of natural gas in Canada.
  • Simple Maintenance – Less maintenance and repairs are required for your home when you have clean burning natural gas.
  • Increase of your home’s value – Adding natural gas appliances and heating increase the value of your home.
For furnace installation, heating and furnace repairs in Regina, Saskatchewan call Reinhardt Plumbing & A/C LTD.