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Oh No Bursting Pipes! – 01/29/2015

Extreme temperatures can be a cause of water pipe freezing and bursting. Here are a couple of tips to help prevent your pipes from bursting this winter.
  • Insulate Pipes. Check to make sure all your pipes are insulated that run outdoors and in areas of your house that are cooler such as attics and basements.
  • Remove Water Hose. Before the temperatures plunge below zero make sure to disconnect and remove the hose.
  • Blow out Sprinklers. If you have in-ground water sprinklers, make sure to blow out any sitting water in the pipes before freezing.
  • Drain your Pool. Drain the pool before the temperatures dip down.
  • Check for Leaking Pipes. Look for any leaks in your pipes. Install new washers in faucets if leaking, if the leak does not stop call Reinhardt Plumbing, your residential plumbing company.
  • Power Outage. If your power goes out during the winter, run both cold and hot faucets in a slow constant stream to prevent the pipes from freezing.