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How Safe is the Air we Breathe Indoors and How do we make it Safer? – 02/10/2015

We all have heard about the dangerous air pollutants in the outside air, but have you ever stopped to think about how clean the air is in your own home, office or even the grocery store? Health Canada states the average person spends about 90% of their time indoors and air pollutants can be much more prevalent indoors than outdoors. So how can you increase the quality of the air you breathe in your home?
  1. Start with staying healthy, by keeping your immune system up you can prevent different bugs from recirculating in your home. Staying healthy also includes not smoking in your home. If you need a cigarette take it outdoors.
  2. Leave a smaller carbon footprint. By lowering your consumption of energy from your home you are doing your part to help keep emission levels low for everyone.
  3. Take care of your HVAC systems. By doing simple things like scheduling regular tune-ups and replacing your air filters you will help keep the air free of dirt and VOCs. Schedule a tune-up with Reinhardt Plumbing, your residential heating company today!
  4. Keep those floors clean. Use a HEPA filter vacuum and use mats at all your entrances to keep the dirt from the outside contained near the entrance.
  5. Avoid scents. We might associate that lemon scent with cleanliness, but too many odors can flare up allergies.
  6. Invest in an Air Filtration Unit. Whether it is installing a system for your whole home, or buying a portable room air filtration unit, both will help to eliminate mold, dust pollen and other pollutants.