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Furnace Reminders – 12/09/2014

Heating season is here! But before you crank the heat for our harsh Saskatchewan winters, let Reinhardt Plumbing and Heating offer you some friendly reminders. Regular furnace maintenance is the best method to ensure that you have heat throughout our cold winters! Here’s why it’s important to have a Reinhardt Plumbing and Heating Specialist service your furnace regularly:
  • Efficiency – A well-tuned furnace is much more efficient and that will save you money. Our technicians will make sure that your equipment is running at its peak efficiency! Scheduled maintenance will also give you peace of mind that your furnace will keep you warm throughout those cold Saskatchewan nights.
  • Health and Safety – Heat from the combustion process flows into your house, while the combustion gases are ventilated outdoors. Our technicians will check to ensure that your equipment is vented properly to ensure your safety. They will also check for natural gas leaks and proper ignition.
  • Keep it running – Just like a car, a well-maintained furnace will last much longer and perform much better than a furnace that is not looked after. Yearly maintenance is also a condition of manufacturer's warranty. If you do not have your furnace serviced regularly by a qualified technician, your warranty will be voided. Regular maintenance means that small problems can be identified and repaired before they become major problems.
Do it yourself – There are some things you can do on your own to keep your furnace in tip top shape between professional visits. Change or clean air filters every one or two months or more when needed. Homes with pets or homes undergoing renovations may find that they need to change filters even more often. Check your filter regularly!
  • If you have a humidifier you should check the filter and change as required
  • Vacuum floor vents
  • Check/Keep exhaust vent clear of ice and snow
  • Safety Tip: It's highly recommended that you invest in a carbon monoxide alarm for your home. This will alert you if potentially dangerous carbon monoxide gas levels get too high in your living space
  • Your heating system needs yearly professional maintenance to ensure it is running at its peak efficiency. Our heating system tune up is cost and time effective.